Tanja Kuhnt

Emmy-Noether research group
Meso- and Cenozoic Paleoceanography

Phone ++49 (0)69 798 40215

Room 1.108

e-mail: Kuhnt@em.uni-frankfurt.de

Research area:

  • Micropaleontology, Paleoceanography, Paleoclimate, Paleoclimatology
Research interest:
  • Validation of the relationship between pore characteristics in benthic foraminferal tests and bottom-water oxygenation as a possible paleo-proxy for quantitative oxygen reconstructions

  • Reconstruction of Cenozoic paleoceanography and paleoclimate on the basis of benthic foraminifera (e.g. assemblage counts, shell chemistry, morphometry)

  • Impact of past long- and short-term climate changes on the stability and dynamics of marine paleoecosystems in open oceans and marginal seas

  • Causes and effects of Oceanic Anoxic Events, leading to the formation of massive carbon-rich sediments (e.g. Sapropel formation in the eastern Mediterranean Sea)




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